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5 Fun Pink Drinks to Serve at Your Next Party


Looking for drinks to serve at an outdoor party, pastel themed baby shower, or any kind of girly party? We’ve rounded up perfectly pink refreshments for every occasion! These five oh-so-pretty cocktails look good and taste enough to convert anyone into pink lovers. We’ve picked both alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices, so you’re set for any party.

This elegant champagne cocktail not only looks gorgeous, but is healthy too with a splash of coconut water. (via Pin & Rest)


A quick refreshing drink that can be enjoyed by all ages, this sparkling cranberry punch will be a total crowd pleaser. (via Taste and Tell)


This Single Ladies Punch will be a go-to treat with your girlfriends. (via Design Love Fest)


This refreshing raspberry beer cocktail would be great served outdoors at a barbecue. (via The Life of the Party)


Here’s a quick and easy way to the perfect pink virgin cocktail! (via My Recipes)

Which pink drink do you want to serve up at your next party?

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