Looking for a few DIY projects to dive in to? Whether it’s hair accessories, wall decor, or dessert toppers you’re looking for, Best Friends For Frosting has got you covered. Don’t be intimidated by the impressive outcome…These projects we’ve found are not only whimsical, but enjoyable and easy to create!


Everyone likes a touch of nature in their home or office, but a fake plant or an earthy air freshener doesn’t always cut it. These Moss Letters are a creative way to add a fresh vibe to any space. (via The Crafty DIY Bride)


A picture is said to speak a thousand words, so imagine the statement you could make with an entire wall of photographs! This DIY Instax Wallpaper method will not only add a unique and creative look to any room, but it will solidify your ranking among the most elite DIYers! (via A Beautiful Mess)


Instead of spending money on a generic floral headband, make a more personalized statement with this Bejeweled Flower Headband. Don’t be afraid to customize it to your tastes — originality is key! (via Go Make Me)


Nothing says whimsical like a troop of Plaster Robots! Break out those silicone molds you thought you’d only use for chocolate, pour some plaster in, and get painting! Get creative with how you use them — perhaps as cake toppers or place holders! (via Funkytime)


Speaking of cake toppers, this Sprinkle Cake Topper is not only easy to make, it’s also edible, colorful, and customizable for any type of cake! (via KoJo Designs)

What’s next on your DIY project list?

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