We live in the age of eye candy! Let’s face it, we’re addicted to pretty things, and apps like Instagram enable us! And as much as we love to look at other people’s gorgeous photos, we love sharing even more. Admit it, when you’re super proud of your outfit or that fancy meal you cooked up, you want to flaunt it and showcase it (why not?!). But we’ve all seen it happen…when your camera phone just doesn’t do justice to your gorgeous masterpiece. We’ve got a few tricks and tips that will help you style your photos so they’re always like-worthy! You just need some simple props.

Nothing quite makes for good eye candy like actual candy. Colorful gumballs, jelly beans, or bright colored taffies make great props that add just the right amount of color without taking away focus from your subject. And you can find them in just about any color! (Via BFFF)


Make it a party with confetti! What gets people’s attention like ribbons, glitter, and multi-colored pieces of paper? Make your followers feel like they’re getting a surprise! (Via BFFF)


Sometimes the best props are au naturel. Give your photos a summery touch with fresh flowers and leaves. When we see these delicate sprigs laid out on the table, we’re thinking these rose hibiscus spritzers are made using natural ingredients. (Via Wit and Delight)


One word: color! We love the different shades of peach in this summer table setting and the mismatched clay drink stirrers. A little DIY never hurts when you want to take your prop game up to the next level. (Via Paper & Stitch)


Packaging can do wonders! How cute are these little condiment party favors? And note the confetti. You can combine any of these prop styling tips to really make your photos pop! (Via Kristi Murphy)

Which pro photo styling tip is your favorite?

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