Whether you own a blog, a boutique, or your own catering company, Instagram is a one of the best social media platforms to help generate awareness about your brand.  It’s one of our favorite social media networks and is an easy, creative and free way to introduce your brand to the world!

Looking for more people to follow and be engaged with your brand on Instagram? We’ve compiled five easy tips for gaining more of (the right) Instagram followers, and potential future customers, for your brand or business:


1) Perfect Your Image – This may sound obvious, but brand and image is everything, even on Instagram! Your Instagram profile is one of the most creative and descriptive ways to describe your brand without words. Below are a few tips on how to keep your Instagram image consistent and top-notch:


  • Make sure your photos are high quality and clear; no more blurry, pixelated photos allowed
  • Be creative! Post different types of content and photos every day
  • If your website has a certain style and color scheme, make sure your Instagram photos match that same style: every extension of your brand should always align with the other
  • Be sure to upload a high quality image or logo as your profile picture and be descriptive as possible in the information section of your profile
  • Ensure that your posts are set to “public” so more people can find and follow your account


2) Use Hashtags – Hashtags are #necessary and are the main way people discover your brand and decide if they want to follow your brand. When using hashtags be as descriptive as possible, but don’t use more than five to ten per post. Be sure to use hashtags that depict key items or trends in your photo and brand. We recommend choosing a unique hashtag that is relevant to only your brand that you can include in every post. #bfff


3) Drive Engagement – The same way people discover your brand is the same way you will want to engage with others! Engage with future followers by searching for some of the unique and interesting #hashtags that represent your brand and image. For example, we may look up the hashtags #frosting or #blogstyle, if we want to engage with other people and brands who share our same interests or styles. On a daily basis, search for specific hashtags and engage with users by liking and commenting on their posts.


4) Ask People to Follow You – This may sound simple, but many of your Facebook fans and Pinterest followers, may not even know you have an Instagram. Be sure to periodically share a link to your Instagram account on your website, newsletters, blog and social media outlets.


5) Post regularly– Posting regularly, at least once a day, is a great way to keep your current followers engaged and attract new ones! Posting regularly, in combination with high quality content and the use of #hashtags that align with your brand will get you more followers in no time!



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    1. Jennifer

      Following BFFF on instagram is so much fun. I love how you girls are very involved in the hashtags and you also respond and comment back! That means a lot to me! Thank you ladies for being a blog I admire!

      1. Melissa Johnson

        You are so sweet! Really appreciate your feedback and loved meeting you @ the Tiny Prints Holiday Bash! XO

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