Pink BFFF Cake

At BFFF headquarters, pink is our neutral! Whether it be in the office, dispersed throughout our wardrobes or simply around the house, the color pink is our everyday essential! There’s something about it that’s so festive and cheery! Here are a few of our favorite ways to spice things up with a punch of pink! (via BFFF)

Pink motel

So…when can we move in?! We LOVE these hot pink doors against the light pink cement! Maybe it’s time to head over to the paint store and pick out our favorite rosy hues! (via Vital Vegas)

geometric pinboard

Organize your space at home or in the office by adding shades of pink and gold to your cork board! This one in particular is SO easy to make and will complement your photos and materials beautifully! (via BFFF)

pink barcart with drinks

Channel your inner pink princess with a bold pink bar cart! With complimentary drinks and matching pink cupcakes, what’s not to celebrate?! (via: Glitter Guide)

pink cactus

Pot your plants in pink! This little cactus doesn’t look so scary anymore! Give an old clay pot an instant transformation by painting a vibrant hue of pink around the rim! Your plants will be forever thankful! (via BFFF)

pink garden walkway

Revamp your outdoor space by painting the garden walls and stairs with a shade of hot pink! We could totally see ourselves sitting outside for our morning coffee every day, can’t you?! (via The Guardian)

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