Roses are red, violets are blue, flowers are a designer’s dream come true! No matter what color or kind, flowers add pizzazz and personality to any room. Display them in vases, in bottles or tea cups, outside or inside, up or down, singular or many…  whichever way you like best. There are no rules when it comes to flower decor (except, of course, to water them). Check out our collection of unique and innovating ways to show off these beautiful blossoms. They’ll inspire your next mini room renovation.

Flowers go well with everything , even polka dot walls! Don’t be afraid to showcase them in an unconventional setting. (via Vinyl Wall Art)


Switch it up while keeping with the green theme! Pairing some sweet roses with limes is sure to get people talking. (via Just Pure Lovely)


How amazing do these colorful flowers look in an otherwise neutral room? They really make the space come to life. (via Gather & Build)


Dress up a dresser with a few pink flowers to add even more femininity to your space. (via Hawaiian Coconut)

unique vase

Give your flowers extra glam by situating them in a curvy sleek vase and positioning them next to an ornate gold mirror.  (via Style at Home)


Leather-wrapped vases and votive holders transform these pretty pink flowers into a punked-up, stylish display. (via Creature Comforts)

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    1. Mac Rubby

      Wow…Pairing lemon with roses is an amazing style. Yes..! it can be called as green theme. This kind of displace is never seen anywhere so its new and something different.

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