birthday cake costume

The excitement of Halloween costume shopping is officially upon us! But we often wonder, why go buy a costume when you can creatively construct your own?! After all, making yourself into something else is pretty awesome. Today, we’ve got a few of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes to share with you that we know you’ll love! (via A Subtle Revelry)

Child Angel Costume

Transform your little one into an angelic princess! Spruce up a white dress or glittery tulle skirt, and top the look off with a frilly feathered white halo.  (via Bead And Cord)

Batman Costume Kids

With a costume this cute, even the real Batman would be fooled! In fact, we think we see the bat signal now! (via Mer Mag)

pineapple costume

Why not keep it simple and match your little one with a yellow dress and easy DIY green stem headband? After all, if you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple! (via Studio DIY)

courageous lion costume

Your little boy will be “king of the forest” with this cowardly lion costume. (via Girl Like The Sea)

Friendly Ghost Costume

BOO! These might just be the cutest ghosts we’ve ever seen! These are an adorable twist on a classic costume and incredibly easy to make. (via Cape Cod Collegiate)

bandit wolf costume

Watch out! We’ve got a little bandit wolf coming your way! An ideal costume for the Halloween obsessed. (via Mer Mag)

Which costume DIY is your favorite?!

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