Some people just aren’t morning people. It’s plain and simple. If they have to wake up early in the morning, their positivity for the whole day may be shot. But what if there’s something sweet for breakfast? We think that makes it totally worth it! So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite breakfast ideas that have been inspired by classic desserts. Go ahead. Sweeten up your morning!


The little ones will absolutely love these Chocolate Fairy Bread Hearts! Try this special treat made with Nutella and sprinkles! (via Polkadot Prints)


Need a change from your daily Eggo waffles? If you’re a serious sweet lover, try S’moreffles (via Waffleizer)


These Red Velvet Crêpes would be a beautiful start to the day, or the perfect end to a dinner party! Either way, you will impress your crew with this treat. (via Foodwhirl)


Vegan Oreo Cookie Pancakes are the definition of “decadent breakfast!” A tall, cold glass of milk is a must-have for this breakfast. (via Minimalist Baker)


This is a perfect dish to make for just yourself, or a whole group at a brunch buffet! You can’t go wrong with serving Breakfast Creme Brulee. (via Skinnytaste)


There should be a law that scones and coffee have to be consumed together, in the morning, on a sunlit porch. And even if it’s not a law, these Samoas Scones are tempting enough to pretend that there is such a thing. (via Tracey’s Culinary Adventures)


How about adding a little bit of cake batter to your morning routine? Take your simple pancakes up a notch by making Cake Batter Pancakes!  (via How Sweet It Is)


You know we can’t talk “breakfast” without discussing doughnuts! These Baked Apple Pie Doughnuts with Maple Glaze are just the treat for any true sweet lover to dine on for breakfast. (via Your Cup of Cake)

What’s your favorite breakfast treat?

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