When we think of soup, we sometimes tend to think of a quick dinner that comes out of a can— not a very appetizing or nutritious view. However, homemade soup is more approachable than you think. With as little as 4 or 5 ingredients, you can still make a quick meal that is both nutritious and delicious! We’ve rounded up 8 simple and mouthwatering soup recipes so you can try your hand at making healthy soup that still tastes like home.

This cauliflower sweet potato soup only has five ingredients, which makes it easy and affordable! (via Allyson Kramer)


Few things are better than homemade chicken soup, but this Fiesta chicken recipe spices up a classic. (via So Let’s Hang Out)



If you struggle with getting your daily veggies, this soup is for you! Even kids like this no-fail veggie soup. (via Best Friends for Frosting)


Sophisticated tomato soup is not only easy, it also pairs well with hearty bread or grilled cheese. (via Honey and Jam)


Leek, fennel, apple and walnut make up the simple ingredients in this vegan meal. (via The First Mess)


Chicken carrot noodle soup is an adult twist on a childhood classic. Look at those colors! (via Best Friends for Frosting)


This Thai pumpkin soup takes an ordinary flavor up a notch with only five ingredients! (via Foodie Crush)


This carrot orange soup combines amazing flavors into a rich, nutritious, super creamy soup. (via The Vanilla Bean)

What is your favorite homemade soup recipe? Tell us in the comments!

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