Celebrate the spring season by playing with the patterns in your closet! If you’ve mastered color blocking, it’s time to try pattern blocking. This concept is a lot like color blocking, but instead of blocking solid colors, you block patterns! Since there is such a variety of options out there, we gathered a few basic ideas to help inspire you and get you started.

Match a basic striped top with a floral capri to make a casual springtime outfit. Since the striped pattern is relatively basic when compared to floral print, the two patterns balance each other out. (via PostGradChic)


A subtle dot skirt complements a busy shirt with bright floral pattern while keeping the outfit fun. (via The Traveling Cabinet)


Pattern blocking isn’t just for tops and bottoms! Add a bold print scarf with a small horizontal striped shirt as a start to your pattern blocking experiments. (via Triple Thread)


Texture matters! Wear a delicate lace shirt with a fun, sweet polka dot patterned skirt. (via Bukombin)


For uniformity, pair your top and bottom with the same basic color! This polka dot top and floral skirt look good together because they actually do match. (via Pretty Worthy)


Put on a narrowly striped shirt with a floral long skirt to make a daring, elegant statement. (via Babble)


Mix and match your multi-toned pattern scarf with a simple striped shirt to add a pop of color to your outfit. (via Fashion Ekstrax)


If you’re not ready for patterned pants yet, accessories are definitely your best friend! Add an animal print clutch to your tamed ensemble to make it more wild. (via Damsel in Dior)

How do you pattern block? Are you subtle or bold?

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