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Get your passport ready and your bags packed… Or better yet, just stay where you are and grab a fork! Hang on tight, because we’re taking you on the best dessert tour of your life. This isn’t your normal afternoon city bakery crawl. Its much bigger than that. From Italy to Argentina to Canada, we’ve rounded up sweets from all over the world!


Italy has so much more to offer than just pasta and gelato. Zeppoles, fried balls of sweet dough covered in powdered sugar, are sure to delight your sweet tooth. (via Brown Eyed Baker)


Chocolate buttercream filling and a sticky caramel coating are just two of the many reasons you’ll fall in love with Hungary’s Dobos Torte. (via Juls’ Kitchen)


Supangle is Turkey’s version of chocolate pudding. The bonus layer of cake or cookie at the bottom is just Supangle showing off! (via Almost Turkish)


Oh, Canada! One Nanaimo Bar contains graham cracker crumbs, coconut flakes, chopped walnuts, custard, and so much chocolate. Talk about a treat that packs a punch! (via Baked Bree)


Not all Pudim, or Brazilian Flan, is created equal, but all are delicious. Obrigada, Brazil! (via The Kitchn)


Thank you, France, for Croquembouche. These caramel-covered cream puffs will transport you to summertime in Paris in just one bite. (via Saveur)


Impressive and easy-to-make, Sopapillas, are the perfect Mexico-inspired dessert. (via Blue Bonnets and Brownies)


It doesn’t get much more American than good ol’ Apple Pie! We couldn’t leave our country’s classic off the list. (via The Merry Gourmet)


Lamingtons, sweet, soft sponges dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in coconut, are no longer just for Australians! (via Perks of Being a Foodie)


Argentina brings us Alfajores! These dulce de leche sandwich cookies are just aching for a glass of milk. (via Roxana’s Home Baking)


No matter your heritage, you’ll enjoy Grandma’s Apple Strudel by way of Germany. (via Cooking for Seven)


If pumpkin pie is the only pumpkin dessert you know, make your way to Korea for Hobak Hotteok. These stuffed pumpkin pancakes are chewy, gooey, and nutty. Feel free to have them for breakfast! (via Korean Bapsang)


Remember Pudim, the Brazilian flan? South African Melktert is like flan but with flour. Dig in!  (via What’s Gaby Cooking)


Drenched in and oozing cardamom-spiced syrup, Gulab Jamun will have you experiencing nirvana. (via The Tiffin Box)


Flaky crusts are nearly impossible to pass up. These Hong Kong Egg Tarts are filled with custard and reminiscent of creme brulee. (via At Kokken)


For those of us who dream of Greece but haven’t made the trip yet, Pistachio Baklava is sure to temporarily satisfy. (via Potato Chips Are Not Dinner)


Dear Poland: We love Kolaczki! It reminds us of rugelach. (via Joe Pastry)


Nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon in a shortbread?! Scotland certainly knows how to dress up a cookie. We recommend Christmas Spice Brown Sugar Shortbread. (via Butter Baking)


Who doesn’t love a Mochi topping on their fro-yo? Now you can make it yourself! (via Krissy’s Creations)


We may call it rice pudding, but in Spain you’d order Medieval Arroz con Leche(via The Winter Guest)

What’s your favorite worldly dessert?


  1. Oh my, this is definitely the most scrumptious roundup of goodies I’ve seen in a while! The photos are so fabulous, they made me actually gain a few pounds just looking! :-)

  2. Yummmm I love this round up! My mouth is watering and I love learning about all these scrumptious desserts =)

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