Heartfelt Success Podcast: How to Live Your Dreams with Barbara Niven

I am so excited to have Barbara Niven on our latest episode of the Heartfelt Success Podcast. As you may have noticed, things have been a little slower in the podcast department, but we’re gearing up for a hard launch in 2019. We are creating an online space for the podcast (it will have its own website) and so much more! In the meantime, I am doing a soft launch and generating episodes slowly but surely to introduce you to what’s to come! I am extra excited about today’s episode because we have Barbara Niven on the show. Most of you will recognize her from her roles on NCIS, Cold Case, Lifetime, and (my personal favorite) the Hallmark Channel! She is also a best-selling author, speaker, and media trainer. She even created her own system, “Unleash Your Star Power” in order to teach business owners, professionals, CEOS, hosts, speakers, authors and more her secrets to success, earning her international acclaim as Hollywood’s Top Media Trainer and Video Marketing Coach. So awesome! With such a great background in motivating others, you won’t want to miss these insights.

I go waaaay back with Barbara, to the Hallmark days. I have watched countless shows and movies so, I secretly felt like I already knew her! You will be able to tell when you listen to the podcast. I was especially excited to talk to Barbara because she has such an extensive background in acting, media and public speaking; which is something I’ve always enjoyed over the years! She seriously is one of the busiest women in Hollywood, appearing in more than 100 film and TV roles and 2500 TV and radio commercials throughout her 30-year career. She has also served 3 years on the National Board of Directors for the Screen Actors Guild. So it’s no wonder why she’s able to share such great tips for auditions, television and media! I recently did an audition and took so many of her tips away, which totally powered me up for success. You will love hearing Barbara’s amazing advice on tackling fear and turning it into a positive in order to move past that fear. (Plus, get ready to learn one of my biggest fears!)


Barbara is seriously so inspirational and has such an amazing outlook on life, her career, and her family. I think my favorite part was hearing her talk about the importance of encouraging our children to chase their dreams too.

This podcast is filled with so many great messages about kindness and being your best self in order to better others. I know my biggest takeaway was to re-calibrate this year in order to keep on track with my purpose and to continue posting pieces that will continue adding value to your lives! Who else is ready to re-calibrate in 2019? While Barbara has achieved so much, she also revealed the struggles of breaking into the film industry, all while balancing being a mom, and following her passion. As women, we can be so hard on ourselves, and in this episode we talk a lot about focusing on positives instead of negatives, which I think is so so important for everyone to do. So make sure you tune in to hear Barbara’s three tips for pursuing your passion and living your purpose.




This was such an inspiring episode, and I can’t say enough how helpful and heartfelt all of Barbara’s secrets are! I did not want this podcast to end! I hope that it is just as inspirational and helpful for you all. What are some of the passions that you all are chasing? Tell me in the comments. I would love to hear! And as always make sure you subscribe to Heartfelt Success Podcast® on iTunes, Spotify &  Stitcher.

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