Guest Bathroom Remodel

Looking for bathroom remodel ideas? This guest bathroom remodel allowed us to incorporate so many modern features in our new bathroom to match the rest of our mid-century modern home. Use these ideas as inspiration for your own bathroom remodel!


Bathroom Remodel

The bathrooms in our home are FINALLY done! It’s official. Both the guest bathroom and the master bathroom have been completely redone, and I can’t believe it! Everything has been replaced, and they have literally been rebuilt from the ground up.

If you remember a while back, Andy and I went all in on a total fixer-upper when we bought our house, which is exactly what we wanted! We knew it would be a huge amount of work, but we wanted to be able to create the ideal space for celebrating heartfelt memories within our own four walls with our family! It’s been a long process, and we’ve already redone the kitchen, remodeled the master bathroom, and installed VCT Tile.  We decorated the living room, Charlie’s coastal beach bedroom, Claire’s pink bedroom, and my pink gingham office. We even painted the whole house. The bathrooms were the next huge piece to check off the list, and I am so excited to share the finished look with all of you!  


Guest Bathroom

Before the remodel started, Andy did most of the demolition himself so we could stay on budget. Seriously, that was a game changer. He did everything from removing the vanities to the mirrors and sinks to even the bathtub! We knew that Andy could handle a big portion of those tasks, but we also knew we would need to bring in an expert plumber and contractor later on in the process. You better believe we left the crazy hard stuff to the professionals! ;) Andy and I took a lot of time to find the perfect plumber and contractor for the job, but it was worth it! We wanted to make sure we found someone that we could trust! We made sure to get multiple bids from professionals before we hired anyone, and it worked out so well. With our patience and persistence, we found an amazing local plumber and contractors  to help!

Before Photo Of Our Bathroom


Renovating a Bathroom

The guest bathroom definitely wasn’t in great shape before we started this process! The original Formica countertops were stained way beyond repair, and the plastic doors on the medicine cabinet were yellowing and brittle. The tile was super outdated, all of the fixtures in the bathroom definitely didn’t scream modern, and the vanity was so old. Even the walls were painted yellow to match! Yikes! Andy and I were SO excited for a full overhaul!


Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Luckily, when we first moved into the house, we installed new Kohler Santa Rosa toilets in both bathrooms and installed new white VCT flooring, so we didn’t need to worry about those two items at all. But everything else was fair game! One of the most exciting parts of this remodel to me was the new bathtub! The old bathtub was outdated and it was way too small and shallow. Some of you might already know this, but Andy is 6 feet and 5 inches tall! ;) We had our plumber install the Underscore Alcove Bathtub from Kohler, which is amazing! Seriously, it’s so much deeper and even has lumbar support to make having a bath super comfortable! While our plumber was at it, we also had him update all of the plumbing and valves for the bathroom while he had access. It’s way easier to do this while the walls are ripped apart than going back in and doing it later. ;) Once the plumbing was updated, we had our contractor install new water resistant drywall, and then he installed the new Choreograph Wall Kit around the bathtub area to offer protection and a polished, finished look! Once the bathtub was installed and the walls were complete, the July Rite-Temp Bath and Shower Valve and Coraisis Bath Spout in polished chrome were installed, and the Awaken Shower Head in polished chrome was added to match! Andy installed the Revel Sliding Bath Door with the silver frame by himself to finish up that part of the remodel!


How to Redo a Bathroom

The next big piece of this remodel was saying goodbye to the cabinets, sink, and mirror! Say goodbye to the old Formica yellowing counters, and hello to pristine white! We decided the Jute Vanity would be the best choice for our guest bathroom, not only for its size, but also because of its chic wall-hung installation. It was the perfect fit for our mid-century modern design, especially with the addition of the Jute Bar Pull instead of using regular drawer knobs. For the sink itself we decided to go with the Ceramic/Impressions Lavatory Top, which is a single piece so it made for easy installation! Plus, I am so excited about how easy this will be to clean because of its seamless design! We chose the Composed Lavatory Faucet with a timeless polished chrome finish to blend with the rest of our bathroom design choices. Finally, and this is one of the best aspects of the bathroom, we decided on the Verdera Mirror Cabinet with matching side kit to create an elegant aesthetic Plus, there’s adjustable glass shelves and mirror on the inside too! I’m obsessed! Since we already replaced the toilet in this bathroom when we first moved in, we didn’t need to worry about that. But, we wanted to add matching polished chrome finishes to the rest of the room. We installed the Composed Toilet Paper Holder and added Composed Robe Hooks for towels and robes to complete the look!


Guest Bathroom Ideas

Crazy how much of a difference the modern finishes make, right?!? Seriously, this bathroom remodel has been such a game changer, and I am so happy with how everything turned out. I just LOVE how modern the bathrooms look now, matching the rest of our mid-century modern home. Are you planning to redo a room in your home soon? Maybe a big bathroom remodel? I would love to hear all about your bathroom remodel ideas in the comments below!

guest bathroom remodel

This post was sponsored by Kohler Co., but all opinions are my own.

Shout Out

Special thank you to our contractors Fog Bank Industrial Arts!

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