Bedroom Decor Makeover

I’ve been feeling like the back bedroom at the #SOBestFriendsForFrosting Airbnb needed a facelift, so THIS GIRL went shopping! ;) Previously, the room was VERY dull to me. It’s been feeling like my least favorite room, partly because I felt like I sort of rushed through it to complete the house. So, I went to Tuesday Morning to get a few new pieces to make the room more fun! Believe it or not, I tried to stay away from pink as I was picking things out (for the most part). I told Andy the other day that I am feeling like BFFF is just too pink these days. ;) HA! Can you imagine me saying that?!

Did you know that Tuesday Morning has TONS of interior pieces from top household names at budget-friendly prices? No kidding! From accent chairs to lamps to bedspreads, they have SO many of your interior needs covered, and at affordable prices. I love a good deal!

I snuck past the display of Christmas and fall decor, without grabbing a single nutcracker. (Believe me, it was hard guys!) Andy and I found the home decor section and scored SO SO SOOOO many trendy pieces. We’re talking stylish, right on trend interior pieces – perfect for perking up a dull room!


I ended up buying this SUPER white boho bedspread with really fun frilly tassels that give it a beachy, calm vibe. The bedspread also came with matching pillows with tassels on them too! This was actually the very first home decor piece I found in the store. Usually I have a REALLY hard time making decisions, but this was an INSTANT yes! I also found these really cute light blue pillows that make me immediately think of the beach.


Speaking of home decor, can we talk about lamps? Because girl, I could talk about lamps all day! You should have seen me when I was on the hunt for a new lamp for my office earlier this year. I can get a bit obsessive when I set out on a task. Or should we just say I am incredibly driven?! ;) Usually I am REALLY picky, but I found 2 lamps that I could not resist! I ended up getting this amazing clear lamp that looks so cute on the nightstand. We previously had a clear pineapple lamp in the room, but I put it away in storage. Maybe I will bust it back out next summer — who knows?! Tuesday Morning also had a really chic light blue chinoiserie patterned lamp that I was so close to buying. Gosh, choices are DIFFICULT, especially when there are so many great options. I also found this really cute blue patterned plate – perfect to set your jewelry on. I absolutely LOVE this pattern!
I’ve also been feeling like the dresser has been a little blah! Before, we had a picture of flamingos and a plant on top of the dresser, but it felt VERY summery. It was time to make a switch! I ended up swapping out the flamingo picture for this new, stylish gold mirror and super cute dog statue – both from…you guessed it – Tuesday Morning! ;)

Okay, so I know I said I was trying to eliminate pink from this room. But, a room is never complete without at least a TINY pop of pink, right?! And let me tell you, this candle smells amazing. Close your eyes, and you’ll instantly think you’re on vacation in Hawaii. It has such a sweet, fresh and clean smell. Plus, I immediately fell in love with the pink glass container and the gorgeous branding.


I love how I was able to completely transform this room on a small budget! Boy, what a change these new home decor pieces have made for the space. Are you planning on revamping one of your rooms soon?! Add Tuesday Morning to your errand list and thank me later! ;) It was a total game changer for perking up this room!
Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Tuesday Morning. Thank you for supporting the brands who sponsor BFFF!

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