This post was sponsored by Megan Media and Mattel. #HotWheelsUltimate
We’ve talked a few times this year about balancing family, home, and work. That has definitely been one of the BIGGEST learning curves that I’ve ever had to adjust to. There have been tears, hugs, crumbs, and giggles. And I absolutely love this phase of my life, but I have to be honest that mom guilt is a real thing, and I am really trying hard to work past it.
This past week has been one of my busiest weeks yet. As any blogger will tell you, this time of the year we get absolutely swamped with holiday content – in a good way! =) The other day, I had 7 phone meetings booked back to back while Andy held down the fort. I knew that between all of the multi-tasking, I wanted to find a fresh, new way for Charlie to be entertained. And truth be told, I was hoping to crush that mom guilt we were just talking about! ;) Plus, he has been doing such an amazing job in school, and I like to celebrate that with him every chance I get!
I had Charlie create his Christmas list early this year so I could have some ideas for what I could get to entertain him during this busy season. We try to limit media as much as we can in our house. So last week Charlie created his Christmas List (eek!), and the first thing on his list was this new Hot Wheels® Ultimate Garage. Let me tell you, Charlie has quite the #HotWheelsUltimate collection, but this toy is HUGE and stores all of his cars (plus, the cars he is about to find in his stocking!). ;) Oh, and did I mention it also connects to his other Hot Wheels tracks that he got a few months back for his birthday?! How fun!
It comes with five cars and a helicopter – move me in already, right?! It’s basically like ten gifts in one!
I ended up heading straight to the toy store and bought it for him. Andy quickly set it up (so easy), and we surprised him after school on Monday. He was SO excited and played with it for hours and hours. It was so cool that I even joined in during breaks. Even baby Claire had fun! He’s been getting up early before school to play, and is even playing with it right now with Andy as I type this blog post. I’m not kidding!
I sort of wish I had waited until Christmas because of his level of excitement, but I have to admit how incredibly thankful I am to have it now as we’ve needed a new form of entertainment around our house for a while. I’m so thankful for our new, fun addition to the playroom!
This post was sponsored by Megan Media and Mattel. #HotWheelsUltimate


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