When it comes to desserts, it’s often hard to decide whether to go the sweet or salty route — which is why the best treats usually incorporate both. It’s a classic combination that always satisfies your taste buds. From bacon caramel corn to saltine cracker toffee, we’ve put together a list of recipes that mix salt and sugar in delectable and unique ways.


This Saltine Cracker Toffee uses ingredients you most likely have stored in your kitchen. A few simple steps create a snack that is sure to cure those sweet and salty cravings. (via The Suburban Soapbox)


Tropical and sweet flavors stand out in these Salted Chocolate Cookies with Ginger and Coconut. This unique recipe is worth giving a try. (via In Praise of Leftovers)


Caramel and pretzels are an unbeatable pair, and these Caramel Pretzel Bites take the classic combination to a whole new level. (via CakeFYI)


Warm caramel spills out after biting into one of these Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Cookies. (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)


This Guinness Chocolate Cake is beautiful and elegant. The chocolate cake and salted caramel icing makes for a delicious combination. (via The Hungry Housewife)


Bite-sized pecan pie is the best way to describe these Salted Pecan Pie Bars. This recipe is easier to create than a whole pie, so you can make a quick batch when you’re craving the buttery, sweet, and salty taste. (via From Calculus To Cupcakes)


Who can resist a good whoopie pie? Replace the cream filling with peanut butter to create these Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Salted Peanut Butter Filling. (via Stylish Cuisine)


Bananas add the right amount of sweetness to this Salted Bourbon Cajeta and Banana Pudding. Impress your guests with this beautiful and delicious dish. (via Kitchen Vignettes)


Bacon has made its mark in the dessert world, and we’re definitely not complaining. If you crave the salty crunch of bacon with something sweet, this Bacon Caramel Corn is the right dessert for you. (via Kitchen Konfidence)

What’s your favorite sweet and salty combination?

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