Best Valentines Decorated Cookies


Have you ever seen a real cookie that actually looks like this???  Perhaps I’m behind the times because I have to admit that I didn’t understand what the title, KopyKake, ShmopyKake! even meant.  I lucked out though because Sweet Sugar Belle says that we don’t even need a KopyKake to make these fancy, frosted, sugar cookies.  You just need “your computer, a printer, and a few supplies that are easily found at most craft supply stores or good ol’ Walmart.”  I somehow doubt that–I suspect an artistic eye and steady hand may be necessary ;)   The edible food markers she mentions look pretty handy though.  Anyway, make sure you stop by her site and see for yourself the amazing cookie-art and give it a go!  As for me, I’ll probably stick with my uneven sugar cookies with a smear of frosting, and call them “charmingly homespun.”  Hats off to you, Sweet Sugar Belle!


Photograph credit by Sweet Sugar Belle

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