Blogging is a hard job, especially when it truly is your job. A devoted blogger or digital editor easily spends about 18-21 hours building a community, conceptualizing themes and posts, fighting writer’s block, and editing passive voices. The to-do list grows daily, but your passion can grow right alongside it. It’s a hard career choice, but someone’s gotta do it! Check out this resource guide to keep up your spirits. Type on!

Are you ready for everything but the kitchen sink? Here are the blogging basics that will have you burning the midnight oil until your hands cramp! The finished product and continued success is worth it! (via Ashley Ella Design)

Know your dates! Work on schedule, or better yet, work ahead of schedule! There is much to be done in so little time! Keep track of it all with an Editorial Calendar.  (via Damask Love)

Live by these entrepreneur proverbs and you will get through the toughest of days. You may feel tired, sleepy, or hungry at times… but in the future, if you’re diligent (and a bit lucky), you’ll marvel at how far you’ve come. (via Striking Truths)

Visualize what you want and download this statement as a screensaver. You’re welcome. (via Breanna Rose)

Here’s a tip: Staring at a tablet/laptop/desktop screen for long periods of time will give you writer’s block, bad posture, poor eyesight, and we’re pretty sure it can’t be good for your skin! (via Lauren Conrad)

Your #2 travel companion, Blog, Inc. is a book about “blogging for passion, profit and to create community” Happy reading! (via Chronicle Books)

Unleash your blogging prowess by loading up on knowledge on the Alt Summit blog. You can also find Alt video classes with leading experts in the industry.

What’s your favorite blogging inspiration?

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