Blood Orange Curd Shortbread Bars

Blood Orange Curd Shortbread Bars

I first made shortbread for a cultural heritage exchange in the third grade. My dad told me about his Scottish grandmother and helped me go through recipes. My elementary school happened to be in a neighborhood where most of the other cultural offerings were spicy and delicious Mexican savory foods, and my sweet and simple dessert transcended its heritage to end the meal perfectly.

Since then, I’ve made shortbread endless times, usually when out of baking powder, and I’ve learned that what we call shortbread is really an essential super-dessert which can only be improved as you continue to experiment. These Blood Orange Curd Shortbread Bars made over at Snixy Kitchen look fantastic. Blood oranges, easily replaceable in this recipe with another citrus fruit, make the shortbread take a backseat to fruity flavor. Although they look like lemon bars, these treats are an entirely different bite – adding a unique tang to an otherwise classic recipe.

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Photo by: Snixy Kitchen

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