Cake Plate Clings


Look around in any boutique today, and what will you find? Patterns and monograms. But don’t just limit this style to your accessories. Bring it to your desserts! WH Hostess, a social stationary and party goods company, is now introducing their new product, Cake Plate Clings. These decorative linings are designed for cake stands, pedestals, and serving dishes. They are slide-free, residue-free, and printed with environmentally friendly ink and material. Better yet, Cake Plate Clings are reusable and non-adhesive! Just peel the cling off your serving piece after use, hand-wash with warm water, and store flat on the original paper backing for future use. 


Leave those paper doilies that slide off your plate, show oil stains, and can be used only one time in the past! It’s time for an updated look. Cake Plate Clings come in a variety of different styles that include preppy and bright colors, graphic black and white, and Clings for kids.


Cake Plate Clings, also, come in a variety of shapes to fit just what you need. They are offered in round, square, and scalloped edges in five different sizes. If your cake stand needs a makeover, there is Cake Plate Cling  just for you!


While you’re shopping around, don’t forget about the Cake Plate Clings holiday collection. You will have all of your guests impressed with not only your beautiful treats, but also your stands!

This new product can be found at WH Hostess. Get on over there and revamp your dessert stands today!

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    1. Tamara

      I am a monogram fanatic! I need these in my life, like now. And I absolutely, love the green and red display~ so festive!

      1. Gina Fornito

        The cake plates are from a variety of different places – they are not sold by WH Hostess. Hope that helps!