Champagne Cupcakes & Campagne Buttercream Frosting


“What?” you ask.  “Time to think of New Year’s Eve already?”  Well, yes.  True, my belly is still stuffed from the Thanksgiving dinner I polished off, and over-stuffed from the desserts I somehow managed to also fit, but it’s really never too early to be planning menus, gathering recipes, and deciding exactly what you’d like to serve at your next soiree.  Christmas and the New Year are right around the corner!  I’m going to save you some time, and just tell you to put the ingredients for these fabulous gems from The Curvy Carrot on your shopping list.  The cake is “light and sweet with subtle hints of champagne…[while the buttercream is] thick and creamy, sweet with a little hint of champagne, but still light and airy.  Ah, you just can’t buy such cupcake happiness…but you can bake it ;)

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