When it comes to having your kids do their chores, it can really feel like a chore within itself!

Wouldn’t it be so cool if you could make a game out of it and make chores more fun all around? With the new website, ChoreMonster, your kids will eagerly change the word “chore” to “fun,” “rewarding,” and “exciting!”  We’re totally serious!!!

We were lucky enough to use the hyped up app for a month, and we have to say, it’s INCREDIBLE!

ChoreMonster allows parents to create a ChoreMonster account for themselves and for their children, all synced up within one central location. Parents can log in and assign chores to their children.  Children can log in and check off their completed chores.  Your ChoreMonster profile is completely customizable – parents and kids can both upload their own profile picture – which makes it all feel legit!

Parents: You create and schedule your child’s chores and select point values, and when your child logs in and selects that they have completed each chore,  you approve that the chore has been successfully completed, giving your child the points.

Kids: Your parent will create your profile.  All you need to do is sign in and see your daily chores that your parents created.  As you successfully complete your chores and log it, you will earn fun random Monsters, or possible rewards, and suddenly you will find yourself looking forward to doing your chores.

Here comes the really fun part! ChoreMonster turns the boring task of doing a chore into a fun game that will not only build self-esteem for your kids but it will also teach your children valuable skills like how to be responsible. Parents, when you add your list of chores, you get to select rewards that meet a certain point value of completed chores. For example, if your child receives 100 points each day he or she takes out the trash, you can list that once your child receives 700 points, you will take them out for ice cream. You get to customize your rewards, so it can be anything from money to outings to privileges.
After we trialed this extensive APP for 1 month, we have two words for all of you moms and dads- Get it! Oh, and, of course, use it too. Schedule a chore, sit back, relax, and watch as your kids willingly do their chores.
Today, we’re super excited to offer the first 100 Best Friends For Frosting readers a FREE 1 month trial to Chore Monster simply by clicking here:

Disclosure: All opinions expressed are our own.  This post was sponsored by ChoreMonster.


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