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Kid’s Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas for the kids? Or toy options to celebrate the many milestones as they’re growing up? We’re obsessed with the new Little Tikes toys in our house!

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We are officially in full swing of transitioning into the holiday season over here. Who’s with me?!
And while it means the house smells soooo good with getting meals ready for parties and gift
shopping, it also means more time spent with the kids! Woohoo! We love to spend time together at home (total home bodies here), and the kids get to spend time playing with us a bit more! Claire’s birthday was just a few weeks ago. Between that and it being Charlie’s last single-digit year, this mama just wants to make time stop! I’ve been making a conscious effort to take time to play more with the kids as a family so we can cherish these moments as they’re growing up and important milestones along the way!

tikes shop
little kids tikes shop

Nostalgic Toys

How many of you remember having Little Tikes toys in your home when you were little? They were a staple in our house growing up as little kids! They’ve been making toys for over 50 years and some of the best ways to celebrate milestones for kids. I definitely remember playing with them when I was little. Their motto: “Be Together, Play Together” says it all!  Pretend play is so big in my house, and we love bringing in new toys that will help us play harder! Some of my favorite memories with the kids growing up have been watching them learn and interact with their favorite toys. But let’s be real… we recently went totally Marie Kondo on Claire’s room and got rid of a ton of toys, so luckily it made room for something new! This partnership could NOT have come at a better time, because I literally had these exact 2 toys on my radar-  Shop ‘n Learn™ Smart Checkout annnnd the Ice Princess Magic Mirror Set! Have you seen these yet? Claire has literally been having the BEST time playing with these interactive, educational fun toys! They’re perfect for celebrating milestones as they grow up. 

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little tikes scanner
tikes shop
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little tikes shopping bag

Playing Grocery Store

Claire has been super into playing restaurant for the longest time, she’s even been walking around the house taking orders! Not kidding! ;) I’m still waiting for the day she eagerly asks to help with laundry, but in the meantime …This Shop ‘n Learn™ Smart Checkout set was the perfect addition to her toy collection – it’s so interactive. The register is so much fun, and she just loves playing store. It has a legit real conveyor belt and scanner that reads the groceries that she buys, how cool is that?! There is a shopping list included, but Claire likes to try to remember what I buy each week and tries to buy it on her own. This toy comes with SO many scannable foods, so it really does feel like she is going grocery shopping in the self-check aisle at the grocery store! What I love best is that if you have a tablet, you can get the app so your child can play and learn more. Plus, Claire and Charlie have even been playing with it together which makes me so happy to see them bonding over toys! Even Charlie’s math skills have been improving with it. Did I mention it comes with a plastic credit card, cash, and coins? They crack up playing together and have the best time. It makes my heart so happy!

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little tikes blue mirror
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Girls Makeup Set

Here’s the one that makes the girl-mom in me extra excited! ;) We also got the Ice Princess Magic Mirror Set, which is brand new this year, and Claire is absolutely in love with it! Like I couldn’t even pull her away from it to eat dinner the first 3 days because she was so obsessed!  It reminds her of when I get ready in the morning, so when I am doing my hair and makeup she can also do hers! Confession: Up until getting this, she had been sneaking into my room and taking my makeup…Like even the expensive makeup I buy. We even recently found eyeliner all over the vanity and even nail polish on her bedspread. I’m not joking! This has been so fun to give her toy makeup that won’t make such a mess, and it does so many cool things – even the blow dryer makes noise! Claire has been asking more and more to have friends over from school to play with her new toys. I am calling it…the new Ice Princess Magic Mirror Set is hands down going to be one of the top go-to Christmas Gifts of the year! 

makeup vanity
makeup vanity
blue princess mirror
What a joy this has been in our lives! It has been so fun to watch her play with these toys, but it’s reminding me that she’s growing up so fast! I keep thinking to myself…. I officially have a 4-year-old – how did that happen so quickly?! It’s such a great reminder to cherish every single moment and continue to play big as a family! What’s your favorite toy your family plays with together?! 

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Little Tikes. All opinions are my own. Thanks so much for supporting the awesome brands who sponsor this blog.

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