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Coat Closet Organization

If you’re looking for tips on how to organize your closet, or just general home organization tips, this is for you girlfriend! Organizing your house can be a huge undertaking, but with a few of these tips I’ve learned along the way, it will be a breeze! 

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Home Organization 

Welcome to my episode of Cribs… Just kidding! ;) If you’re like me, the closets are the last places I’ll ever look. You know what I mean, right?! I use them for storage, and I end up shoving things away so the rest of my house still looks neat! ;) But it definitely was time for an overhaul! I was really needing this closet redo, since things had gotten a little out of control. Do you have one of those closets in your house? Everything got super messy and the space was totally unusable, but not anymore! Home organization expert, Kim from Kim’s Closets Plus, came over to help again after reorganizing our kitchen, and I am so glad! She did a total overhaul of the closet, and I am so excited to share the before and after, with pro tips and tricks that you can use in your own home too! 

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How to Organize Your Closet

Do you know any of those people who just have such a big personality, and they totally know how to make things work? That’s just like Kim! She seriously knows everything on how to make a space work. Kim is a television personality, and she’s done so many television segments about home organization. I could have never completed my kitchen organization without her, so I knew this coat closet organization was going to be a piece of cake! She is one of the best in the business, and I was so excited to have her help again!

Before Pictures of the Closets

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I like to keep my house as organized as possible, and that’s how I like being able to share it with you guys. But I also love being able to show you that my home is not always ‘picture perfect.’ My house has its messes and places where it needs work for sure! I love being real with you guys, and this is just another part of my house that was in need of being fixed up. 

Before Kim got to doing her magic, my coat closet was a mess. I had many things on the floor in the closet just laying around, I put many items on the top shelf out of eyesight so I didn’t have to see it, and there were so many coats I didn’t even remember having just hung up in clumps. I had so much more in that closet than I remembered!

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How to Organize A Closet

Raise your hand if this is totally you?! Closets are always an afterthought, but not anymore! Kim definitely went to work on this one!! We used clear storage bins to store a lot of things in the closet, and my favorite was the big hooks to hang purses and bags on the rack. This made SUCH a difference in the closet, and now I can actually see what I have! 

Pro tip from Kim: Have baskets for items you grab every day, like scarves, umbrellas, hats, reusable bags for the store…this can help you get out the door so much faster!

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Organizing Tips

Are you as obsessed with The Container Store as I am? Let me tell you girlfriend, after doing these organization projects with Kim, I think I might love it even more! ;) Walking in there makes me feel SO much better knowing my space is going to be organized in no time! Plus, going there with Kim is so fun. She’s basically a celebrity there! 

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Storage Bins

We used these Storage Bins with Handles to keep the items we use more frequently organized. We put like items with other like items such as the kid’s lunchboxes in one bin so we can easily grab them on school mornings, and my scarves so I can easily grab them in the fall.

Closet Organizer

I found these perfect Cotton Rope Laundry Hampers to put bigger items in, and they are amazing! We’re using them for the kids’ backpacks so they always know where to put them! 

Pro tip from Kim: Have a plan for the kid’s backpacks. Knowing the proper place to hang them like on hooks, putting them on a bench, or in a basket is so helpful, and make sure they know where to put them.  

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More Organization Tips

I LOVE these Chrome Metal Tote Hangers for hanging my bags and purses. Do you have this problem? It can be hard to know what you have! Before, they were either always on the higher shelves in my coat closet, or mixed up in the things I had on the floor.

Pro tip from Kim: The handy tote hangers allows you to see what you have and they make sure your nice bags are not getting squashed! 

Best Closet Hangers

These Non-Slip Velvet Hangers were a TOTAL game changer as well! I think a lot of the mess in my closet before was because a lot of coats fell off the plastic hangers I had and just stayed on the floor. There were also coats in the closet that I or the kids haven’t worn in years. Woops! ;)

Pro tip from Kim: Only hang coats in your closet that still fit and you wear all the time. Each season, go through your coats and take out the ones that either no longer fit you or you know you’re not going to wear. This will help your closets stay less cluttered throughout the year!

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Plastic Storage Bins

It is so hard to keep shoes organized, especially with a family of four! They all get mixed with one another and you’ll find one shoe and not the pair! I had SUCH a hard time recently finding my shoes, so that’s why the “clear shoe boxes” were such an amazing buy! I bought the Large Drop Front Shoe Box in a larger size for Andy’s shoes and the Small Drop Front Shoe Box for my shoes and kids’ shoes. Now we will never lose a pair again!

Pro tip from Kim: Sometimes it’s easier to keep shoes by the door, but if you do this, you have to have a plan. Many people use a big basket, but then you have to dig for the shoes and most are buried deep in the bin. The “shoe boxes” are so practical! It allows each shoe to have its own box and they stack in any closet so nicely! 

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Home Organization

Having Kim back in our home was such a blessing. We all love her so much and she has been such an inspiration. All of her tips on organizing have helped me make my home more functional, which I cannot thank her enough for! Things can get a little crazy around here, but at least these tips and tricks can help to keep things a bit more organized, and I hope they will work for you too! What organization tip do you think you’re going to use in your home? I’d love to hear what you’re doing in your organization projects in the comments below!

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