DIY Ice Cream Banner + Confession Time!

It’s time to get REALLY real around here! ;) Raise your hand if you’ve ever snuck in the closet, or even the bathroom, to escape from your little ones for a few to indulge in something? I don’t do it often, but there have been a handful of memorable times I’ve been there. The more conversations I’ve had with my mom friends, every single person I’ve talked to has done it!  ;) Anyone else want to confess? I promise I won’t judge! ;)

99% of the time you can find me indulging elsewhere, like when I’m crafting fun DIYs like this Ice Cream Banner – instructions below! For as long as I can remember, I have always needed to eat something sweet or salty when I craft. It’s always been my thing when I get my “me” time, and it’s almost always non-negotiable…”Will craft for food!” ;)

I go waaaay back with Skinny Cow – all the way to before I was pregnant and Oprah included the brand on her favorite things list! To this day, I still buy their goodies – even when I am not watching my calories. So when Skinny Cow got in touch and asked me to share how I indulge…it was a no-brainer! ;) At least, that’s what I thought. We had the whole shoot planned out and took shots of one of my favorite purses stuffed with candy (yes, I really do roll like this).

But as we were shooting everything, the whole shoot took an unexpected turn. ;) I confessed how I REALLY indulge on occasion, and everyone on the shoot was cracking up. “There have been a handful of times where I’ve snuck into the bathroom or laundry room or even the closet to get a few bites in and really savor the moment.” I might kick myself for writing this…..but some confessed they’re “guilty” of this too! In that moment, I exclaimed “what if we re-create this scene and shoot it in the bathroom…JUST KIDDING!” But everyone fired back “DO IT! It’s reality. It’s real life. Everything is so styled and perfect. Let’s be real!”

The lover of ALL things branding in me is obsessed with the new chic Skinny Cow packaging. No more cow and everything is pastel! The fonts are modern and sleek! Skinny Cow sent over a box of their Ooh La La Chocolate Truffle bars along with salted caramels, real California almonds, chocolates, and fudge representative of the new simplified ingredients found within their range of frozen treats. Naturally, I stashed it all away in my purse….

Yes, I ended up sharing a bite or two! But there you have it, I like to indulge where I can attempt to get away with not being interrupted and savor every bite. Even though it’s 99% of the time NOT realistic, I do what I can. ;) Literally laughing as I type this.

DIY Ice Cream Banner


Light pink cardstock

Hot pink cardstock


Silhouette Cameo 3

Popsicle sticks



Step 1- Cut your popsicle shapes in your Silhouette Cameo 3. If you do not have a Cameo 3, simply cut out your popsicle shapes with scissors.

Step 2- Glue popsicle sticks to each popsicle shape.

Step 3- Attach string to your popsicles.

Step 4- Hang and HAVE FUN!

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Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Nicole Quiroz



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