Crisp and clean is exactly what comes to mind when we look at this office! Karen Lee and Tanya Lee of Future Mrs. Planner are taking us on a tour of their gorgeous space and giving us some major inspiration. It only makes sense that their booming business has an office that is just as fun, gorgeous, and girly as their products. The office, made up of white with hints of romantic blush tones, is absolutely amazing. We can’t wait for you to see their beautiful space below!


1. The future Mrs. Planner is an amazing idea! How did you come up with it?

We are both from the event planning industry and we often see very overwhelmed clients, especially when it comes to wedding planning. A wedding has many moving factors to it; venue, caterer, entertainment, decor, florals – the list is endless. Most brides have never planned a wedding in their life, so where do they even start!? We wanted to create something that is extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing. We hope that it motivates our brides to use our planner on a daily basis, and at the same time, have FUN during the process.



2. What are some of your must-have design elements that are both functional and chic for your home office?

Wrapping cart – Our wrapping cart is our BFF! It serves as our all-in-one packaging station for orders. While we pull our wrapping ribbon, there are drawers to house our scissors, tape, bubble wrap and stickers. But it does even more than that. By day, it is an ordinary wrapping cart, but by night, it becomes a bar cart!

Inspirational quotes hung in frames – It’s hard to stay motivated when we work out of home (We won’t lie, our bed is a temptress!). We love keeping our favourite quotes hanging all around so whenever we look up, we’re reminded as to why we must keep going. This concept is what inspired us to include our quote illustrations in our planner. Yes, you can tear them out and hang them too!

Long working desk – When we were looking for a desk, we wanted something a bit unconventional from just sitting side-by-side. We wanted an open workspace, easy for us to lay out our vision boards and bounce ideas while facing each other. Because who doesn’t love staring at their partner’s face all day long?!




3. The design elements of the Future Mrs. Planner site, social media profiles and the planner itself are so romantic and chic. How does this translate into your personal and home design?

The aesthetics of the planner are truly inspired by what we are surrounded with everyday. Being in the wedding industry allows us to be exposed to different styles; it also trains our eyes to spot whimsical pieces when shopping for office decor. Romantic color palettes, like white, blush and hints of gold are what we use to dress our office space with, which translates to the design of our planners.





4. Where are your favorite places to shop for statement design pieces for your home?

We’re frequent visitors of Chapters, Homesense & Target. One of our favorite things is to go ‘treasure hunting’ for new collection pieces together. The most rewarding thing is to find chic additions at really affordable prices! (Hello sale!)





5. What’s next for the Future Mrs. Planner? 

Currently, Future Mrs. Planner is being carried by retailers across Canada. We’re super excited to be expanding into the US and Australia. Not only will we have a planner for bride-to-be’s, but for the bridal party too! Our goal is to make wedding planning so organized that the entire bridal party has oodles more time to focus on what’s more important – LOVE!


Future Mrs. Planner: Future Mrs Planner // @futuremrsplanner
Wall Prints: Maurelle Design & Calligraphy // @hellomaurelleMilky Rhino // @milkyrhino, I See Noise Prints // @iseenoiseprints
Make-Up by: Annie Truong
Hair by: Annie Mili

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