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Party Blower DIY


Nothing says party like a party blower, right?! Best Friends For Frosting teamed up with Bracket to bring you the cutest DIY party blowers! With just a few cheap materials (most of which you probably have at home), you can create these fun party blowers for any event you have coming up! With the option to customize some of them, you can bring these to a celebratory dinner, surprise party, or even wedding! Check out the fun tutorial below:


“I love a modern twist on a typical party good – take the party blower.  I’ve created 3 modern designs and added some fun phrases to make them completely unique. You can also print off blank ones and write in (or use alphabet stickers!) to make it totally customizable. All the fun of noise makers, but without that annoying sound.”








  • Download PDF – 3 designs with 3 phrases, and one blank to customize: Brush 1, Brush 2, Dots 1, Dots 2, Stripes 1, Stripes 2
  • Cheap noise makers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Rubber Bands
  • Tacky Glue
1. Download and print design. Choose up to 3 designs and 3 phrases. Cut out.
2. Flip design over with phrase and pattern facing down. Fold in each side with second fold over lapping the first one.
3. Run your glue stick down the top flap and glue over the other folded side. Must be sealed tight so air does not seep out.
4. Fold over the bottom of the noise maker (bottom is the end of the phrase) and secure with double sided tape.
5. Flip paper over with phrase reading up and begin rolling tightly from the bottom to the top. This way when blown up, the phrase reads out. Secure with a rubber band and let it sit overnight.
6. Disassemble cheap party blowers so you are left with just the tube. Put tacky glue all around the end of one side of the tube and insert into the top of the noise maker. Hold for 20 seconds.
7. Place a small dot at each top edge of paper and fold into tube. This creates a secure closure so there is no air seeping out.  Hold for 20 seconds.
8. Party on! Use these phrases or use the blank one to customize for your party with a wedding date, hashtag, or the party person’s name. Have fun!
Tutorial for Best Friends For Frosting by: Bracket

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