Colorful cupcakes, frozen treats, and chocolate drizzled desserts will satisfy any child’s sweet tooth.  It only takes a few steps to create all these recipes, and only seconds to devour them! Whether you’re making an afternoon snack, a sweet breakfast, or a special dessert, your kids will love anyone of these great desserts — and love helping you out in the kitchen, too!


These Baked Doughnut Holes, dipped in cinnamon sugar, are made in four simple steps that are easy for kids to follow. (via The Frugal Girl)


These fun Brownie Batter Pancakes will get any child out of bed. Perfect for surprise birthday breakfasts! (via Inspired Taste)


For cookie dough lovers, this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie is the perfect choice.  The Oreo crust makes this dessert to die for (via Life, Love and Sugar)


You can’t go wrong with chocolate and bananas! These Chocolate Banana Pops are the perfect summer treat and only take a few minutes to prepare (via Martha Stewart)


Fresh strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi top these Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizzas. The sweet glaze and cream cheese icing will have you and the little ones licking your fingers clean (via Hoosier Homemade)


Your kids will love pulling apart this Monkey Bread topped with with white icing (via Martha Stewart)


Your children will love these  Pea Wee Kiwi Pops. Fresh kiwi masks the taste of peas in this delicious frozen treat (via Weelicious)


Take a bite into these beautiful Rainbow Cupcakes for a surprisingly colorful inside your kids are sure to love. (via Chocolate & Carrots)


These Rice Crispie Dipping Balls are a great after-school activity and snack. Top them with anything from nuts to rainbow sprinkles! (via The High Heeled Hostess)


This quick Cake Batter & Sprinkle Bark uses cake batter decorated with colorful jimmies to give it a special twist (via Sweetapolita)

What dessert do you like to make with your kids?

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