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Dessert Themed Band Names


This list of bands is sugary sweet. Ranging in genre from alternative and indie rock to pop and hip hop, these bands all hold one thing in common;  they love dessert. Doesn’t it make you wonder what type of dessert your favorite musical artist loves? Before we get carried away, here’s a list of five very talented bands with dessert themed names.


Cake is an alternative rock band based out of Sacramento, California. With seven albums to their name and several billboard top 100 hits such as “Short Skirt/Long Jacket,” Cake’s future is looking pretty sweet. With the cover of their album Prolonging the Magic displaying the outline of a pig, though, we’re wondering if these guys may be more savory than sweet. Maybe we should send them over the recipe for these Maple Bacon Marshmallows?

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice is best remembered for his early 90s one-hit wonder “Ice Ice Baby.” Since then, he’s gone on to make more music and completely revamp his image.


In the 90s, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath was the sweetest treat any girl could think of. Since then, the band has become a little less popular. I’m thinking they should stage a comeback with an album based on their sweet name.


The Sugarcubes is the psychedelic post-punk band band from Iceland that shot Bjork into fame. Full of talented Icelandic artists, The Sugarcubes were together from 1986 to 1992 with a short revival in 2006.


The Jam was an English pop punk/mod revival band in the 70s and 80s. The band was known best for their smartly tailored suits and “angry young men” style of music. The band split up in 1989, but not to worry, you can still find old The Jam classics on YouTube or iTunes.


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