Everyone loves a good design project, especially when it’s time to welcome a little one into her first home! What could be more fun than dreaming up the perfect sanctuary for both mommy and baby? We are thrilled to debut this sleek and playful nursery, impeccably designed by mother, Anna Dhillon, of Anna Dhillon Design. We love how Janis Nicolay captured all the fun little details that make this modern baby room a big step up from your typical nursery! Anna perfectly blended chic and child-centric elements to put together this sweet space. We are in love!

neautral-nursery white-nursery

We love the simplicity of this room! The carefully-picked decorative accents add just the right playful touch. Anna focuses on a neutral color palette and incorporates touches of color throughout the space. The subtle animal theme and whimsical wall art give this minimalist nursery the right amount of character. We particularly adore the cute elephant accessories placed throughout!


Speaking of the elephant in the room, can we take a moment to appreciate the lack of clutter in this neat space? The corner crib leaves the center of the room free for baby Ava to frolic and play. And urbanites, the open design is great for apartments in the city, where space can be a problem.

white-modern-crib nursery-view

The contemporary fur rug and black lamp are great staple pieces that won’t age even as Ava outgrows her crib and toys. Anna can keep these items as the nursery evolves over the years, or even move them to other rooms. Stylish, versatile, AND reusable? Yes, please!

We are excited for Ava and Anna to make lasting memories together in this perfect nursery they can both enjoy.

What does your ideal nursery look like?

stuffed-bunny nursery-bookshelf
Ready to dub your own home nursery like Anna Dhillon? Shop the look:

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