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April Fools Candy Drawer

Looking for a super fun and silly April Fools joke? Look no further than this sweet surprise! 

April Fools Day

Calling everybody with a silly side to you! Are you with me?! I’m a huge fan of April Fools Day. It’s the one day of the year that’s super fun and silly! I definitely don’t love the April Fools pranks people pull that might get a little bit out of hand, but there are so many ways to have fun with this day! This year, I’m sharing what I have up my sleeve, but be sure to keep it a secret! ;)

April Fools Jokes

Ready for the ultimate silly and sweet April Fools joke for your house?! Make a candy drawer! If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with candy and sweets in all colors. Seriously, they’re so fun to pair together! So, as I was coming up with an April Fools joke to play in the house, I decided to fill a whole drawer with candy for a sweet surprise!


DIY Candy Drawer

All you have to do is buy candies in your favorite colors, and unwrap the candy if they are covered. Then, get small containers to fit your candy! Clean out your silverware drawer, and add the candy. Make sure nobody is watching! ;)

Celebrating April Fools Day

This would be such a fun prank to pull on guests visiting the house. Could you imagine? Send them to the kitchen to grab a fork from the silverware drawer, only to surprise them with something sweet! I’ve used this trick on the kids and they freaked out! What type of candy would you put in your DIY Candy Drawer? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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