DIY Cactus Drink Stirrers-Final-5

We’re deep into the middle of spring and we’re loving the sunshine so much! What better to pair with a gorgeous sunny day than fun, bright drink! Today, we’re thrilled to have Marianela from Love Vividly showing us how to make DIY Cactus Drink Stirrers – the perfect way to dress up your drinks in the sunshine. Read on to find out how!

DIY Cactus Drink Stirrers-Final-1

Get cocktail ready and throw a fiesta with these super cute cactus drink stirrers made out of air-dry clay! I haven’t worked with air-dry clay before this project, but after seeing how easy and fun it actually is, I want to make everything with it!

DIY Cactus Drink Stirrers-Final-4



– Acrylic drink stirrers (I used these)

– Air-dry clay

– Needle tool

– Acrylic paints (colors of choice)


  1. First, you want to form the body of the cactus. Using the palm of your hands, roll out a small piece of clay. Once well rolled, break off about 1 ½ in. from the clay.
  2. Carefully stick the top end of the drink stirrer into the bottom of the piece of clay that you broke off, pushing the stirrer up about halfway into the rolled clay.
  3. Next up, we have the arms! Grab a fresh piece of clay and roll it out using the palm of your hands to form a 1 in. long log. Once rolled, gently bend the clay to form a cactus arm.
  4. Place the arm onto the cactus and blend the clay together using the needle tool. Adding a small extra piece of clay around where the arm connects to the body will help the arm to stay in place. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until both arms are attached.
  5. Now, we’re onto the flower! Roll out a small amount of clay forming a skinny log. Using your needle tool cut four 0.5 cm. pieces off. Taking each of these four tips, smooth out the ends with your fingers to form a point. With the four pieces complete, place them all together and press (with your fingers) at the bottom to allow them to connect together. This will form the shape of the flower to go on the head of the cactus.
  6. Score the top head of the cactus with your needle tool. Dab water onto this scored region of the cactus, and place your flower (created in Step 5 above) on top. The water acts as glue and will help to keep the flower in place! Once on top, use the needle tool once more to smooth the clay out around where the flower connects to the top of your cactus. Let the clay dry for about 1-2 days.
  7. Once clay is dry, you’re ready to paint! Paint the top of the flower first and then the body. Let dry.
  8. Make yourself a cocktail and stir it well with your new cactus drink stirrer!



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