Looking for a great DIY gift idea? Or simply something to pamper yourself? This DIY Coconut Salt Scrub is sure to do the trick. We’re thrilled to have Denell Pepin of Modern Parent Living here to share how to make it! Here’s what she has to say:

“For many people, the colder days of fall and winter can bring a rosy glow to the cheeks. But, as we begin to spend more time in the heated indoors, our skin can also begin to dry out. A good way to care for skin and offer yourself a little pampering is to gently exfoliate skin during the cooler months. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need spend time and money a spa – because making your own skin scrubs at home is probably one of the easiest DIY projects to take on.

Not sure where to start? Enter in one of favorite, most versatile ingredients – coconut oil. To this we add various salts and sugars to create a basic, yet luxurious scrub that will leave your skin hydrated and soft.”


Another bonus? By making your own salt scrub you’ll not only be able to indulge in the ingredients you enjoy most, but it’ll be for a fraction of the cost. Here’s one of our favorite at-home scrubs that simply a cinch to make and will produce a healthy, overall glow. 


-1/2 cup coconut oil. Be mindful of substitutes here, you don’t want to use a cooking oil from the your pantry. 
-1 cup sea salt. For this tutorial, I used a pink Himalayan sea salt, but you can experiment with any salt here – just stay clear of using table salt. Also consider using sugar too! 


1. Put salt in a small bowl, and add coconut oil. Mix well making sure all ingredients combine well to form a yet paste with a spoon or wooden stick. The texture should be moist enough to hold together, but not overly oily. You can adjust it as you go to achieve the texture. Once you reach the desired texture, it’s ready to use!

Pamper yourself with your homemade salt scrub, which will work wonders for dry skin or as a weekly facial exfoliant. Once you create a favorite combination, you’ll also have a thoughtful gift idea. Simply package in a pretty jar and add an elegant ribbon. 

salt diy-scrub

Do you make your own spa scrubs at home? If so, share your favorite combinations in the comments below. 

Post by Denell Pepin

Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Megan Belanger 

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