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DIY Confetti Sicks


No matter what the theme is at your next bash, these colorful straws will make perfect party favors! Your guests will leave with sparkly reminders of all the fun they had. Or if you want these sticks all to yourself, set them up in a cute display anywhere in your house! There are plenty of options with this Confetti Sticks project by our exclusive DIY contributor, Jessica of The Confetti Bar. Here’s what Jessica has to say about the project:

“Looking for a fun and easy way to add a little color and sparkle to your life? These DIY Confetti Sticks are sure to do the trick! You can even customize the colors to match any theme or style. If you ever want to use any of the confetti, simply cut open the straw! Each straw holds just about the perfect amount for filling an envelope or two, so why not write a friend a sweet note and add some confetti? It’s sure to brighten anyone’s day!”



—Large, clear straws (about 1/2″ wide)






1.  Take your straw and staple one end closed. Try to get it as close to the opening as possible while still being secure.


2. Fill up the open end of the straw with confetti. Depending on the size straw you are using, just make sure the confetti pieces can fit!


3. Staple the other end closed, just like in Step 1.






4. Brush on some glue in a thin layer on each side, making sure to cover the staple.


5. Dip each end in the color glitter of your choice.


Ta-da! It’s that easy! You can fill up a glass vase to display your sticks, or even wrap some up with ribbon if you want to give it as a gift!


Photos by Sassy Mouth Photography

Hair & Makeup by Krystalized Designs

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  1. This idea is so wonderful, would be great for a fairy princess party, or you could even fill them up with sprinkles and use them at a cupcake or cookie decorating party.

  2. These are a really fun idea! I think they would make great non-candy Valentines, too.
    p.s. I love your outfit and all you’ve got goin’ on. The sweater is adorable, your sparkly makeup is pretty, and your pastel sparkle nails are super cute!!

  3. I am so in love with this DIY! The pics are absolutely gorgeous! Oh and I just adore the Confetti Bar!

  4. Love this idea, it would be great for favors at a wedding or even to give to guests to send the couple off at the end of the night!

  5. I would just like to say how pretty you look in all the pictures. Also, I think the confetti would be a great thing to throw on a bad day.

  6. oh my gosh, are those your real eyelashes? so envious.

    thanks for sharing a great idea! great use for those bubble tea straws I’ve bought for bubble tea that I never make at home.

  7. awesome idea, to send as a gift to a friend.
    I have recieved awhile ago a normale letter filled with confetti, i didn’t know, so it flow all around.LOL
    At that moment i couldn’t saw the fun of it, later i could.
    but this is much better and joyfull.
    thank you for the great tute and the sharing;-D

  8. Thank you for giving us this great idea!
    If someone can tell me where I can find the large and clear straws online please?

  9. What a cute idea! I can see this being a fun craft for a girls birthday party. Also, love the nails! What color is that and did you use a glitter polish towards the bottom?

  10. Hi! I absolutely LOVE your sweater! I was wondering if you remember where you purchased it from? I know it was a while ago, but I have been searching for this exact sweater for some time, and would really appreciate the brand! Thank you so so much!

  11. How cute–so many applications! These would be great filled with birdseed for weddings. Or filled with scented foot bath salts & soap confetti. 1/2 Straws filled with flavored coarse colored sugars for tea or flavored creamer for hot cocoa.

  12. Hi! I absolutely LOVE your sweater! I was wondering if you remember where you purchased it from? I know it was a while ago, but I have been searching for this exact sweater for some time, and would really appreciate the brand! Thank you so so much!

  13. I LOVE this pin – it’s a fabulous idea that I am going to use – so thank you for generously sharing it!!! you look gorgeous and the pictures are just so beautiful and inviting it’s awesome!! I do have one question, do you have a tip for quests opening the straws to throw the confetti?
    Thanks :)

  14. Found this tutorial through Pinterest, what a fun project. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for parties!

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