DIY Le Dessert Shoes-final-1

This season is all about the white sneaker, and today Marianela from Love Vividly is here with her sugary sweet DIY twist. This DIY is guaranteed to add a whole lot of fun to your next outfit – whether it be jeans and a tee, a simple slip dress, or a colorful party frock. They’re definitely made for summer fun! Now over to you Marianela:

DIY Le Dessert Shoes-final-4

desserts on shoes

There’s nothing better than having cupcakes, cotton candy, and macarons on your shoes! What’s even better is that you can DIY these shoes at home with this sweet and delicious pattern! Here’s how:


  • White linen shoes
  • Le Dessert Pattern Free Printable (download the PDF here)
  • Ink Jet Transfer Paper
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife

DIY Le Dessert Shoes |What you need


1. Download and print the Le Dessert pattern printable onto your ink jet transfer paper.

DIY Le Dessert Shoes |Download the pattern from BFFF

2. Using your transfer paper, trace the area of the shoe that you would like to iron the pattern onto. I thought it would look cute if I only ironed the pattern onto the front and back heel of the shoe. Once traced, cut out the shape(s).

DIY Le Dessert Shoes | Step 2-1

DIY Le Dessert Shoes | Step 2-2

3. Using the shape(s) you cut out, trace them onto the back of the ink jet transfer paper with your pattern. Once all of them are traced, cut out all of the shapes needed for ironing. Note: It’s okay not to be exact on the shape cutout, as we will correct that in the next step.

DIY Le Dessert Shoes | Step 3-1

DIY Le Dessert Shoes | Step 3-2

4. Place the shape onto the shoe in the exact spot that you would like to iron it onto. Using your X-acto knife cut off any excess paper around the edges.

DIY Le Dessert Shoes | Step 4

5. Once your iron is warmed up and ready for use, following the instructions on the package of your transfer paper, iron the pattern onto your shoe. Note: Be sure to stuff your shoes with newspaper to help keep its shape when ironing. Let cool for at least 2 minutes before peeling the transfer paper off. Repeat step until all patterns are ironed onto the desired spot on the shoe.

DIY Le Dessert Shoes | Step 5-1

DIY Le Dessert Shoes | Step 5-2

6. Your Le Dessert shoes are complete! Not only will you have the cutest shoes on the block, but also the most original that cannot be found in any store and made by you!

DIY Le Dessert Shoes | Front and back view

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