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Easter Gift Basket

Consideration was provided by Ghirardelli.


Spring is just around the corner, which means Easter is too! Are you looking for a DIY that is something not only kids will love, but also your friends and family?! Well, look no further! Looking back at past Easters, receiving a chocolate bunny is a tradition everyone looks forward to! These monogrammed cone baskets are perfect to gift Ghirardelli Chocolate’s pretty and utterly delicious bunny, named Noe. It’s a fun DIY project that you can do with craft supplies you probably already have at home! (via Ghirardelli)

  1. 12-by-12-inch card stock
  2. Standard party hat
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue gun
  5. Ribbon
  6. Brass fasteners
  7. Embellishments (cupcake liners, clothespins, craft paper, letter stickers, etc.)
  8. Easter grass
  9. Ghirardelli Chocolate Company’s 3.5-oz. Milk Chocolate Hollow Bunnies and 1.74-oz. Solid Bunnies
  1. Unravel the party hat, and, using it as a template, trace it on the card stock and cut it out using scissors.
  2. Fashion the card stock into a cone shape and glue to secure using the glue gun.
  3. Make two holes on opposite sides of the cone and attach ribbon to both with brass fasteners, making a handle for your cone.
  4. Glue on any embellishments you like to decorate and personalize your baskets.
  5. Fill baskets with Easter grass and your yummy Ghirardelli chocolates.
  6. Give to your favorite people, and, of course, make sure you save one for yourself. Yay! Happy Easter!
“Unwrap a new tradition with Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Bunny”

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