Gold, stripes, and flowers- just a few of our favorite things! During the holidays, we love to be inspired by new ways to package our gifts for our friends and loved ones. Traditionally we have been taught to always wrap a gift and place a bow on top, but today we are thrilled to have Sherry of Esselle SF here to show us a way to put a twist on traditional gift wrap- how to use a succulent to top your package! Here is what Sherry has to say:

When it comes to holiday gift-wrapping, I am always looking for the simple, yet fresh ways to create beautiful packaging. Instead of spending extra money on ribbons and bows this year, I opted for something organic and lasting to decorate my gifts- succulents!

purple-gold-succulent gold-stripes-packaging-flower

Succulents are not only beautiful, but also accessible as they grow all year round, and a lot of people already have them in their yard! They also grow in different shapes and sizes, so it makes the perfect accent for all kinds of boxes that you will be wrapping. Have fun with it!

stripes-purple-succulent-decor succulent-flower-packaging



-Washi tape

-Clear Scotch tape

-Corsage pin (or any push pins)


-Wrapping paper


1. Wrap your gifts with your favorite paper.


2. Secure your succulent on top with a corsage/boutonniere pin, although any pushpins you have at home may work. Push the pins in very gently, almost parallel to the gift box. That way you won’t be jabbing the pins directly into the gift, but it’ll be tucked beneath the surface of the gift box. If you don’t want to use pins, the alternative is to use similar color Washi tape to tape the bottom layers of the succulent to the box.

3. Lastly, if you want to add color variations to your succulents, one easy trick is to paint a few edges of the plant with some acrylic paint! How fun is that? Happy holiday gift wrapping!

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