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Shine bright like a diamond has taken a whole new meaning with these amazingly chic cookies! We are over the moon about having Julie Moore of Whisk, custom designer cookies, with us giving the info on how to create your own Gilded Diamond Sugar Cookies! These little treats are almost too pretty to eat and effortlessly chic with the pretty pastel colors and pop of shimmery gold. These are a must have at any event! Here is Julie with the instructions on these stellar cookies:



Sugar cookies: I used 3” rounds, you can use whatever generic shape and size you like.
-Blush pink Royal Icing- flooding consistency (think toothpaste)
-Gold or light ivory Royal Icing- piping consistency (think honey or shampoo)
-2 piping bags + 2 couplers

Icing tips: (2) Wilton #1’s and a Wilton #4 (I often use a PME #1.5 in place of a Wilton #1)
-2 elastics or icing bag ties
-PME Scriber Needle OR a pin and some toothpicks
-food-safe paint brush
-edible food marker (optional)
-gold pearl dust (Wilton’s brand works great)
-vodka or clear vanilla extract
-diamond template (print here)

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1. Outline and fill the sugar cookie with blush pink flooding icing and let dry. Using a #1 tip, I typically outline a few cookies first, and then I fill in with a #4 tip. Shake the cookie slightly to evenly distribute the icing and use your scriber tool (or toothpicks) to get rid of any air bubbles. Let this first layer dry at least 12 hours before moving on to the next step.

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2. When the cookie is totally dry, place your diamond template in the center of your cookie and mark tiny holes with your modeling tool (or a pin) where all the lines meet. Make sure you go right through the template and the layer of icing. Lift your template away. If the holes aren’t visible enough, you can mark the pinholes again with an edible marker.

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3. With your gold or light ivory piping icing and a tip #1, connect the dots until you’ve made the diamond pattern.

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4. While that is drying, mix up some gold luster dust with a few drop of Vodka (or clear vanilla extract). Mix really well. Paint your lines gold.

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5. There you have it: simple, gorgeous, diamond sugar cookies that any girl will love. Perfect for a bridal shower, Mother’s day, a girlfriend’s birthday, or just because! XO

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Photography by RAD Studio Photography

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