hairpin leg tabl e9234

Looking for a cool DIY project that wont break the bank or your back? The versatility of hairpin legs will give you creative freedom to create your own one-of-a-kind table for cheap. Hairpin legs offer a sleek modern look that help make small spaces appear bigger while making rooms look less cluttered. The use of re-claimed materials as table tops can make for a fun hunt for the perfect piece of wood. Pick a stain or your favorite colored paint and customize your table to your tastes.  We found a variety of online resources where hairpin legs are available, check them out below. Send us pictures of your DIY tables we’d love to see what you come up with! , ,

hairpin leg table 92


hairpin leg table 3

hairpin leg table 23

hairpin leg table diy

hairpin leg table 233

hairpin leg table idea

hairpin leg table mod

hairpin leg table

hairpin legs 1

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