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Halloween Succulent Pumpkins

I’m so excited that fall has officially started, and I can finally share all of the fun DIYs and recipes that we’ve been saving for the season! Today’s DIY in particular is one of my favorites because it combines a few of my favorite things: pumpkins and succulents! Succulents can sometimes be thought of as just a plant for the warmer months, but it’s so easy to incorporate them throughout all four seasons. After all, they’re such a low maintenance plant, they’re sure to last one heck of a long time! I have so many succulents at home that I can’t even count anymore. ;)

This DIY also combines some Halloween fun with a girlier aesthetic for a super cute (and easy) decoration that’s not too over the top. Did I mention this was easy as pumpkin pie?!

So grab a PSL (or check out our recipe for how to make one yourself!) and let’s get started! The great thing about this DIY is that you can use fresh pumpkins for a more authentic look or make them out of fake ones to use year after year! If you use fake ones like I did, clearing them of pumpkin goop is definitely not required! And if you use real pumpkins, just make sure to thoroughly wash the outside before painting with your favorite colors, or even leave as is!

How To Make DIY Halloween Pumpkin Succulent Porch Decorations


Pumpkin/fake or real
Pink, orange, white, and light pink paint
Potting soil
Carving tool


Step 1
Using your paintbrush, paint your pumpkins. Let dry.
Step 2
Carve around the stem of your pumpkin. Clean out your pumpkin.
Step 3
Add potting soil to the inside of your pumpkin and plant your succulents.

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