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DIY Ice Cooler Skirt Party Decor


Once you’ve picked out the cute skirt you’re going to wear to your next outdoor party, it’s time to pick out the skirt for your cooler! This cute DIY project by our contributor Krista of Sugar Love Chic is a must-make for your next gathering. It only takes a few minutes to cover up your cooler full of snacks and drinks with a sparkly tulle skirt. Here’s what Krista has to say:

“At most gatherings, the necessity of a cooler is inevitable. Especially when the fun is outside, refreshments should always be just a few steps away! Problem is, contrary to its name, a cooler never looks cool. Especially when your event is themed, a big clunky cooler just doesn’t fit. So, I found a way of masking that big ole clunker and it’s called a cooler skirt.”





—Regular sized styrofoam cooler

—1 rectangular plastic tablecloth

—6 feet of sparkly tulle

—Colorful push pins


1. The bottom layer will be the plastic tablecloth. Begin by folding over every couple inches a piece of the tablecloth, pinning along the way.

2. Once the entire rim of the cooler is covered, cut excess tablecloth off.


3. Next up, the tulle! Continue with the same process, overlapping the plastic tablecloth and re-pinning the tulle on top.

4. Again, once the entire rim is covered, cut excess tulle.

This process can be done to match any party theme, so have fun with different colors and patterns!

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