When it comes to celebrating, we’re all about keeping things fun and festive! We love to incorporate bright colors and fantastic textures for a truly unique look. We’re so thrilled to be sharing how to make these DIY Mini Pinatas today, adding to our collaboration with Martha Stewart! Last year we had so much fun contributing to the 12 Months of Martha project, sharing everything from bunting banners to glitter magnets to a gorgeous Mother’s Day Brunch table set-up, and we’re kicking this year off in a big way!

There’s just something so fun about simple shapes and colorful fringed tissue paper, right? Not only do they make you reminisce about childhood birthday parties, but the showering of goodies will make just about anyone happy! And the best part is now you can make them yourself! You no longer have to rely on a big box store to hopefully have one to fit your party’s theme – you can create it just how you like it. The options are endless!


These DIY Mini Pinatas are perfect as party favors or gifts to help celebrate every day, and we added lapel fasteners to take them to the next level! Wear these fun additions to your next party for an extra splash of color and fun!




– Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors

– Card stock or cardboard

– Tape

– Tissue Paper

– Lapel Fasteners

– Martha Stewart Paper Cutter and Scissors

– Small Candies

– Hot Glue (optional)



1. With your Martha Stewart Paper Cutter or Scissors, cut various shapes out of your card stock. For our mini pinatas, we went with basic shapes such as circle, square, and diamond. Because they are mini, these shapes are great to work with. Be sure to cut a front and back for each shape, along with strips of paper for each size.

2. Using tape, secure the card stock together to create dimensional shapes. Be sure to leave one side of your shape open. You’ll want to add your small candy pieces before you complete with tape. Once the shape is complete, set aside.


3. With the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors begin to “fringe” the tissue paper. Consider your color combinations here – go for simple, layered, or even metallic combos. Also keep in mind you can customize colors to match any party theme!

4. Once you have a variety of fringe strips available, you will want to tape them to your mini shape. We used double sided tape for this. Simply add a strip of tape at the bottom of your shape, continue with a fringe layer, and repeat until you cover the tops.

5. Secure the backside of your shape with additional tape. Be sure to tidy any loose ends of fringe. We finished the back side of our mini shapes with tissue paper for a finished look.

6. If you want to take these mini pinatas to the next level, secure lapel pins to the back side of each for a fun party addition.

Styling: Denell Pepin
Photography for Best Friends For Frosting: Megan Belanger

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