One of the things that all of us here at BFFF love more than anything is decorating for the holiday season. We’re thrilled to have Denell Pepin of Modern Parent Living here today sharing her DIY holiday garland that will make any space cheerfully chic. Here’s what she has to say:

“The holidays represents many things- it’s a time to reflect, be thankful, celebrate with family and friends, and of course DIY ’til your heart’s content. Each year, I usually take on two festive DIY projects for my family. This paper chain is an awesome DIY project that I go to again and again, and that’s because it’s inexpensive, offers big visual impact, and is super easy. There is nothing complicated or fussy about this project, and it’s guaranteed to make your space super glamorous for the holiday season!”

holiday tree

To make my favorite paper chain garland truly shine for the holiday season, I simply opted for a paper upgrade. I browsed the selection of specialty papers at my local craft store and purchased some high-shine metallic paper. To make the paper chain even more interesting, I went for a ‘mixed metal’ look, combining gold, rose gold, silver, and copper metallic shades. You’ll even notice some varied texture to the papers. Overall, these subtle elements will add more interest to the finished product.

mixed-metal garland


-Mixed metallic papers (12 or more pieces depending on your desired length)

-Paper Cutter




1. Cut the paper length-wise in 1 – 2 inch pieces. Once the paper is cut to size, start to assemble the chain by adding glue to the ends of the paper and seam together to create a chain link.


2.Slip your next paper link through the existing one, and glue the ends to create your seam. This is the beginning of your paper chain. Continue this process until you have reached your desired paper chain length.


I love the look of this paper chain. For me, it’s a simple project that is so easy to do, but offers an elegant display that is beyond festive and chic. Have you made a paper chain? If so, let us know your favorite color combination in the comments below!


Art direction by Denell Pepin

Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Ashley Rebello

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