DIY Palm Leaf Floor Mat


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed I’ve been on a Lilly Pulitzer kick these days! ;) Did anyone else go to the Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale. I know they do these only twice a year. Rumor has it, there were 90,000 people in the cue. I got up at 5AM and logged in from Andy’s laptop, my cell phone, AND my laptop as well. The funny thing was that the cue was moving so differently on each tech outlet. Crazy, right?! Special shout out to Kelly In The City for running a live feed with all the ins and outs. I ended up buying 5 things, so I’m still on cloud 9!

SO in honor of my most recent obsession with Palm Springs & Lilly Pulitzer, I was inspired to make this super easy spray painted palm leaf floor mat. The trick to this tutorial is spraying the mat with primer AND white paint before applying any sort of color. Here’s the thing though, the original mat we started with was beige, so this was a must-do step for me.

As spring and summer will be here in no time, I will be dreaming up more content that most likely will also incorporate palm leafs. I know the flamingo trend is half way out the door, but I predict the palm leaf trend is here to stay at least another 2 years!

How To Make A DIY Palm Leaf Floor Mat


– Spray paint primer
– Floor mat
– Pink spray paint
– Palm leaf stencil
– White spray paint
– Green spray paint


  1. Spray the mat with the spray paint primer and white spray paint. Let dry!
  2. Next, spray the mat with the pink spray paint until it is fully covered and let dry.
  3. Use the palm stencil and green spray paint to lightly spray your palm leaf pattern onto the mat one leaf at a time.


Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Andy Johnson

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