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Paper Flower Party Backdrop


Looking for a little bit of springtime flower inspiration? We have just the project! Spend a sunny afternoon working on this gorgeous DIY Gallery Flower Wall to add a splash of color to any space. Use this inspo for a party or your office. Mix up the colors for any occasion! Read on to find out how from Megan Patterson of Sparkles & Sprinkles.

DSC_1347 DSC_1599


  • Cardstock paper in variety of colors
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Hot Glue
  • White picture frames
  • 3M stripes for hanging


  1. First you’ll want to arrange the frames on the floor in a gallery wall formation to see how many frames you will need for the space you are styling.
  2. Next, begin making your flowers starting with the bigger sized ones. For the big flowers you will cut three petal sizes (large, medium and small), 1 circle and 1 fringe strip for the center.
  3. After cutting out your shapes, use a pen to curl the edges of the flower towards the base of the petal to create a petal look. Curl about half way down the petal and release.
  4. Cut a ½ inch slit at the base of the petal and fold the edges, overlapping them to get the petal to stand up as seen below and secure with a drop of glue. Repeat this step for all petals. (note: for my large flowers I used 5 large, 5 medium and 4 small petals and for my small flowers I used 5 medium and 4 small petals).
  5. Next, take each petal and glue them down one by one around the edge of the cut out circle starting with the outer layer (large petals) and working your way to the center of the circle (small petals).
  6. Then take the strip of paper that is cut with tiny slits creating a fringe look and roll it up sealing with a drop of glue at the end. Then push down on the fringe to create the center of the flower look. Glue the center inside the circle of the small petals to complete the flower.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 to create all flowers.
  8. Using the double sided tape, secure flowers on top of frames until frame is filled to liking.
  9. Using the 3m tape, hang frames on wall to create the perfect backdrop for a cocktail bar, photo booth or just spring look at home!


Photo venue: Debi Lilly’s DL Loft

Photography:  Jeena Studios

Floral Cake:  The Bread and Butterfly

Cocktail Styling Lauren Kelp

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