Between looking for a NEW studio space and getting ready to reach so many goals I’ve been talking about for years, we’ve been making so much progress, and it’s already Februrary!!! Don’t you love when that happens? I feel like nothing could be worse than 2016, right?! ;)  So the funny thing is that I’ve actually worked out of our home office, co-working spaces, and coffee shops all these years! I know, so many people think we have an office, but I never felt the total need to take the plunge over the years. But, I have to tell you, I do feel like 2017 is FINALLY the year to go for it for a whole running list of reasons! ;) I’ve been visualizing SOOOO many ideas that I can hardly wait to share with you guys! I’ve even started a Pinterest board for it – of course! ;)
Speaking of ideas, I’ve been on such a planter kick lately! I love how they spruce any room up in such a fun and stylish way! This planter was inspired by my LOVE for ice cream and sprinkles…and pink too of course! ;) Oh and speaking of sprinkles, the sprinkles in the image on the top were from my friend Rosie of Sweetapolita!
I hope this post inspires you to make something that brightens up your favorite room in your house! I know DIYs can sometimes seem daunting or a little over the top, but this one is a piece of cake – no pun intended! Okay, fine lots of pun intended. ;) It’s so amazing when you can create and customize things for your home or party! Not only are they more sentimental but if you’re a control freak like me, it’s great to be the pilot of how things turn out! Keep sharing your projects using the #SoBestFriendsForFrosting hashtag on Instagram. I love seeing what you’re up to. And on that note, I hope you have the most incredible week! Sending you bear hugs!!!


– Clay pot

– Pink spray paint

– Paint pen

– Cactus

– Pink rocks


  1. Spray paint the clay pot pink.
  2. Use a paint pen to make cactus needles on the pink pot once dry.
  3. Add the cactus and pink rocks.

Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Andy Johnson

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