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DIY Pink Flamingo Pumpkin


Things have been so fun around here these days. I love when this time of year strikes. Halloween is one of my favorite times to celebrate! But even though summer is over, I could never turn my back on the amazing flamingo trend! ;) It’s safe to say I’ve painted a silly thing or two pink before (remember this pineapple?!). This DIY Pink Flamingo Pumpkin is another simple and chic way to get out of dealing with the mess that comes along with carving pumpkins. Plus, this pumpkin looks SO much more stylish than any jack-o-latern I’ve ever seen. Sometimes it’s fun to break traditions and start new ones. Let’s keep painting the town pink! ;)

How to make a DIY Pink Flamingo Pumpkin


-Plastic flamingo

-Pink spray paint


-Hot glue

-Industrial strength glue

-Clear plastic sheets


  1. Carefully remove the head and neck from the flamingo body using a handsaw.
  2. Spray paint your flamingo light pink and paint the beak gold with a hot pink point.
  3. Remove the stem from your pumpkin. Spray paint your pumpkin pink. Allow to dry.
  4. Cut 2 wings from the plastic sheets and paint them pink.
  5. Attach the flamingo head to your pumpkin using hot glue.
  6. Using your industrial strength glue attach your wings to either side.

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