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DIY Pink Letter Board

As we’re finally getting situated in our new home, Claire’s room is the first room that is the “most complete.” As we’re still using so many of the accessories from her nursery, it was pretty easy! So, I’ve been sneaking in a little more often these days to do our photoshoots for the blog. I have to admit to you, I have been finding excuses to DIY things for the blog just to have an excuse to design them for her room! I’ve seen these pink boards floating around the internet – AKA taking Instagram by storm! ;) They either cost more than I am willing to spend or the font isn’t just right, or both! ;) So I went to the craft store and got everything to make this board for under $20! True story –  you’ve heard me loud and clear!  ;)

I was originally going to write the quote: “Be a Pineapple. Stand Tall. Wear a Crown. Be Sweet on the Inside.” But, I didn’t have enough “Ws,” so I changed “wear to “rock” and thankfully it all worked out! ;)

The sky is the limit with making these boards! You can incorporate these into events, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, first day of school signs, pregnancy announcement boards, milestone announcements, or whatever your heart desires.  I LOVE how you can personalize any message in a stylish way!


And now that we’re talking all about personalized message boards, what would you write on yours? If I could go back in time, I totally would have used this for my pregnancy announcement!

DIY Letter board makeover



White spray paint
Pink spray paint


Step 1
Purchase a letter board.

Step 2
Spray pink on the inside of your letter board. Let dry.

Step 3
Tape paper on top of the inside of your letter board covering all the pink.

Step 4
Once the pink inside is fully covered, spray paint your frame white. Let dry.

Step 5
Remove your paper and add your quote.

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