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DIY Pink Pineapple Planter

Whenever I see anything that has to do with pineapples, I instantly associate it with vacation, Hawaii, summer, and so much fun! We all know how fast the holidays flew by, so just imagine how quick summer will be here, again!
I wanted to thank you all so much again for taking our 2017 BFFF Survey! I can’t tell you how helpful the results were to me. One of our amazing readers commented on bringing back our greatest hits in fun new ways, which got me thinking and brainstorming like no tomorrow! ;)
One of our most “liked” images on Instagram was this Pink & Gold Spray Painted Pineapple.  So I decided to re-create this in a fun way that can last you all year around! You wont believe how easy this is!
This is perfect to put in a nursery or use as decor at a baby shower or birthday party. The tip of the Pineapple Tree is the limit! ;) Okay, I wrote that too soon because right after, I googled ‘how tall is a pineapple tree” and it was surprisingly short. ;) So let me re-phrase that…The SKY is the limit! You can use this decor piece any way your heart desires!
I hope you guys are all having an incredible day! Sending you bear hugs from my corner of the internet in Sacramento, California!


How To Make A DIY Pineapple Planter


– Clay pot

– Pink spray paint

-Gold spray paint

– Pineapple

– Chalk pen

– Painters tape

– White rocks


  1. Spray paint the clay pot pink and let dry.
  2. Cut off the top of the pineapple.
  3. Spray paint the pineapple top gold.
  4. Use painters tape to make pineapple lines on the pot.
  5. Use the paint pen to draw the lines.
  6. Put the white rocks and pineapple top in the clay pot!


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