Sometimes it’s REALLY fun to think of DIY projects you would see and instantly want to be that person’s friend! ;) Seriously, why doesn’t anyone make a PINK polka dot mat already?!!! It’s times like this that I dream of the day we release a BFFF product line for you guys to have right at your fingertips! Until then, we’re DIY all the way! ;)

So, this project was a mix of inspiration of my new pink polka dot sweater and this hot pink J.Crew top! I thought, let’s blend the two together and meet the best of both worlds! ;) So in other words, if J.Crew and Kate Spade had a product baby, it would be THIS floor mat! :)


Hopefully this mat doesn’t attract anyone to doorbell ditch your house! Anyone else guilty of that back in the day? I may or may not have talked about my childhood silliness a time or two on Instagram! ;)


Sending you all bear hugs & Claire’s baby toes from my laptop in Sunny California! Love you all!


How To Make A DIY Pink Polka Dot Floor Mat


  • Door mat
  • White flat spray paint
  • White paint
  • Pink paint
  • Hot pink paint
  • Medium size paint brush
  • Small size paint brush
  • Circle stencil


  1. Spray paint your door mat leaving little to no brown color visible and let dry.
  2. Mix your white and pink paint together to get your desired light pink color.
  3. Using your medium paint brush, saturate the entire door mat in your light pink paint. This will take several coats to get a fully covered light pink mat. Let dry!
  4. Using your circle stencil,s mall paint brush, and hot pink paint, outline your polka dots onto the door mat creating a polka dot pattern. Space the dots about two inches apart.
  5. Using your paint brush, fill in your polka dots with hot pink paint and let dry.


Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Jenn Bartell

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